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The treatment begins with an examination of the whole animal. When there are problems found, the horse or the dog
will be treated. The treatment lasts about 45 minutes to an hour and osteopaths only take advantage of manual techniques (hands).
The animal is, where possible, best treated in its own environment. For the horse this means in his stable or pasture and the dog at home.
The horse must be dry and not wet or sweaty. The best results you will get when the muscles are in their normal resting state, so not warmed up.

As an osteopathic treatment is no symptomatic treatment, but guarantees a causal approach, there are not always immediate results.
After treatment, it is important to give the animal some rest, so no training or competition, outdoor grazing
or stall rest is ideal. This will help the body to recover and regain his balance. If rest is impossible,
then please notice before treatment, so the osteopath can change his choice of techniques. After the rest period you will notice
the horse is clearly quieter, smoother and easier to ride.

The same for dogs. It is important that after treatment the dog stays calm. You may let the dog out on the leash,
but fanatical sports or playing must be avoided.

How many treatments are needed depends on the complaint and how long the problem already exists
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